The gift

In 15 years I’ve never once been delayed by the Canadian Customs.  Today was my day.  I guess if you are traveling alone in a 48 foot boat, you might set off some red flags.   Bob on Teaghlach, Steve on Jollymon and myself left Reid harbor for an easy crossing over Boundary Pass with a checkin at Bedwell harbor.  I came in last just as they were coming away from the dock.  They were nice enough to wait, before travelling on to Ganges harbor for the night.  Well, they waited awhile…

Bob looks great on Teaghlach below, but somewhere just in the background is Ghost, getting a 60 minute search from two of the most polite customs agent you ever want to meet.  Sheesh.  All ended well and I arrived in Ganges harbor just in time to miss any chance of getting onto the public dock.  Ganges marina was charging just under 80 bucks in monopoly money a night.  Makes you want to go back to bedwell.

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