Reid Harbor Decompression

We had a fantastic time at the annual Tolly Fiesta at Roche Harbor. Acting as Vice Commodore this year, its a lot of fun but also a lot of work. A true vacation needing a vacation! What could be better than a short idle across Speiden channel over to Reid for a little rest? The answer of course is spending that time with good friends Bob with his wife and sister (the sane one!) on Teaghlach and Steve on Jollymon. Reid has been jam packed this year and there was no chance of having a mini Tolly get together on the floating docks, so we put the hook down in a little cove like indentation on the North side of the harbor. The dingy’s went into the water and just before sunset the three of us took a little ride out into Boundary Pass. I’ve seen some amazing sunsets this summer, but this one was probably the most enjoyable one.

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