Tollyclub Port Ludlow Mini

Port Ludlow is always such a fun cruise. Sure its early spring and the weather can be a bit un-predictable, but as they say, if you don’t like it, just wait 15 minutes. It’s hard not to fall into the right frame of mind when you come into the harbor and know that our good friend Tolly is watching up on the hill. I came into the harbor and was directed to a slip across from the fuel dock. It seems the wind and current is always blowing in that section of the marina, but I backed her in after a couple minutes of figuring out just exactly what the wind and current had in store for me. It’s always nice to have a hand and Jim, Marilyn and Steve Holmes were all there to lend a hand and provide real time advice. About 15 minutes later I hear John Semasco on the radio looking for a slip. I’m sure the wind must have died right as he entered the harbor, because he took one shot and pulled right into his slip as if it was his home port.

The sun came out that afternoon and we decided to hold our evening potluck out on the dock. Why not take advantage of the weather when you get a chance! We set up our tables and got to work on dinner. The food came out and everything was set, just in time for the afternoon shower. We thumbed our noses at Mother Nature and stood like turkeys in the rain. For awhile anyway… We finished up our evening by joining the Port Ludlow yacht club at their new bar located below the Harbormaster Restaurant. While relaxing in front of the fireplace we all watched some of our newest members in ―Island Joy‖ bring their boat into Port. It was great to meet Jon and Laura.

Saturday came and our motley group of loyal Tolly mini cultists was joined by the Tolly land cruisers for lunch at the Harbormas-ter. We were joined of course by Tolly himself and his caretaker Scott. We could tell right away that Tolly was in great spirits and we were not to be let down. I caught Tolly at his table with a group of fans salivating on the edge of their chairs. Something was going on, and it seemed to involve ALL of the silverware to be had within arm’s reach of any nearby table. Turns out it was a ―not quite to scale but close enough‖ recreation of Tolly’s last slip and a lesson on the finer points of using wind, current, tide and all other available resources to maneuver a 48 into its slip within a very narrow fairway. The report I heard later was impressive and topped off by the fact that at the end of the lesson, Tolly turned to Jonathan Finch and handed him back his own set of silver-ware, Tolly knew the owner of each piece!!! It was a great lunch.

Sunday came and with it some nice weather. So nice in fact that a few of us refused to go home. Steve Monrad in Jollymon, the Semasco’s in Tollytime and myself in Otter continued on to Point Hudson were we stayed until Monday.

If you have been thinking about joining us for a mini, I can’t recommend it enough. Next up…Bell Harbor!!!

Note: On the chart you might have noticed the missing GPS heading out to Ludlow.  The problem was found when glancing at the mast and noting the GPS receiving antenna was lying on its side.  A little wrenching has the GPS cooperating again.

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