AAerial shot by drone #3

Steve Monrad grabbed an amazing aerial shot on our crossing Boundry Pass into Canada.  The data connections have been sporadic the last couple days, so no postings.  Wallace was spectacular, as usual.  Tonight in Telegraph with the Canadian Tollycruisers, going to try to make Dodd Narrows tomorrow morning.  There were reports on the vhf today of a nasty deadhead, just north of Dodd.  A deadhead is a log that has nearly sunk, they float straight up and down, with just the very tip hitting the surface.  You don’t want to hit one and very hard to spot.  




One blade fuse please…

Things can change quickly on the water.  One moment you have your generator running, stock being made in the pressure cooker and hot water warming for a nice shower.  The next moment, you find yourself at 336ah accumulated and no charging goings on.  

So far, the culprit looks like this.  A simple blade fuse. No problem, I pride myself on hauling around more tools, parts and, wait, what the heck, where, ahhh noooooooooo. Rats.   



Update:  fuse found, problem solved.  Had a high resistance connection on a 250 amp line from my dc generator at the 250 amp fuse itself.  Cleaned up the connection, cool as can be.  Ah counter back to 115 after charging.

First night ships meal.  

Chicken just came out of the oven.  Nessie thinks we need to eat now, not when we get to our anchorage.  Might be a tad bit done, but we won’t mind.   Still probably 45 minutes to Blnd Bay.  Decided to run as far as I had daylight.