New pushrods?  (Deja vu)

So here are the pushrods that Edelbrock provided in my cam kit.  It is the same welded ball pushrod that I bough from Comp cams that ground themselves at the Rocker Arms.  

I’m sure I simply got a bad batch from Comp, but since the spring pressure has gone up nearly a hundred pounds with the roller cam, I’m thinking that some hardened push rods may be a good idea.  Problem is, until I get the heads bolted down I can’t test one of the pushrods for length to confirm I would not be better with pushrods a fraction bigger or smaller.

That may not leave me enough time next week to get a set of pushrods ordered before the next weekend.  It will also leave me with two full sets of unused pushrods.  I’m thinking a garage sale may be coming.


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