Coming home from telegraph is a long haul at 8 knots. I decided to clear customs at Roche so I would have some options and not have to worry about making anacortes at any particular time frame.

I ran into Gary on Done Workin on his way out of Roche. Looks like we both had an efficient clearance. Heading towards wasp passage I decided to check out Jones island which I have not actually stopped at in about ten years. Jones of course is famous for it’s friendly small deer and equally aggressive raccoons.

The park dock was open so I decided spending the night was a much better plan than going home. I scrounged dinner out of what ever was left in the pantry and tried out the new halo on the xbox. Home can wait another day.

Incidentally the docks noted to be gone by 9am the next morning as they were being replaced. It will be interesting to see what the replacement looks like as the existing docks were still in good condition

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