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Heads complete

Lots of progress already this week.  Last night I got the heads bolted on and torqued.  Tonight I installed pushrods, rocker arms, aligned the guide plates and set the valve lash.  Not only does she really start to look like an engine, she’s not bad looking either.  

I decided to go ahead with the Edelbrock pushrods.  I trust them more than most companies.  Upon further research, it appears these are chrome Molly, so they should survive.  I’ll just have to pay attention to the valve lash until it’s clear they are working out.  Definitely gun shy of a repeat on the pushrods.  

If I keep this pace up, I’ll be getting close to dropping her back in towards the weekend.  I’m trying not to rush.  If it happens, super, but not a requirement.  I’d rather not get ahead and miss something simple. 


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